Hillel Glazer

Why I'm Here (on Wiki, not the planet)

I'm here thanks to DonWells' http://www.extremeprogramming.org/ So for the same reasons I was there, I'm here. For ExtremeProgramming.

What I Do for a Living

I wanted to start this area with a paraphase of Doctor 'Bones' McCoy, along the lines of 'Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor not a programmer!' But I'm not a doctor, I'm a process engineer. I'm also a bonefide SEI-Authorized CMMI appraiser and Instructor.

I specialize in helping companies implement process discipline without sacrificing their ability to develop/produce their product/service speedily or creatively.

I especially concentrate on creating processes that balance the business' objectives with the role/use of technology and their people, organization and resources.

Where does ExtremeProgramming come in?

I wrote an article (still in work for publication) about the whole process discipline idea in agile development environments. I used ExtremeProgramming as the agile development environment and CMM (CapabilityMaturityModel) as the process discipline framework.

RonJeffries has written XpAndTheCmm (actually located at http://www.xprogramming.com/xpmag/xp_and_cmm.htm). But my article (written before I read Ron's article) is from the specific CMM KPA perspective, and not the XP or the programmer's perspective. It's all about process and not about achieving any particular levels. A draft of the article is located in the pvXP area of my company's site (see below).

Personal Crusades

o Spreading the word that Agile development methods and CMMI can co-exist within the same organization on the same projects. AgileCmmi is possible.

o Dispelling as much of the bad PR and dis-information as I can about CMMI and explaining WhatIsCmmi to the best of my ability.

o I'm also on a personal crusade in the software development world to clarify that QaIsNotQc.

Contact Me

agile AT entinex DOT com


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