Hollywood Os

Hollywood OS
Jargon term for the OperatingSystem(s) featured in movies that come out of Hollywood. These systems are often either inconsistent with reality or contain fictitious features not available in any current operating system - for example, in The Matrix Reloaded, the operating system for a powerplant seems to be using SSH 1, and echoes changed passwords to the screen.

The magical computer system that appears in many major US films, and which most new users expect to run on their PC. Features include perfect NaturalLanguageProcessing and VoiceRecognition, 3-D VirtualReality data browsing, standard 20-point font text display, and universal interconnectivity (even between computers that aren't networked to each other, or with computer networks from other star systems). It has unlimited computation power (except when dramatically necessary) but its security can be completely bypassed by anyone typing in 'override' (which may not be necessary because all passwords are guaranteed to be some easily-guessed word or name). Viruses (or really tough logical paradoxes) cause the computer to shoot sparks, catch fire, or even explode.

For an advertisement, see http://www.steampunk.demon.co.uk/hollywoodos.htm

A list of features can be found at http://home.xnet.com/~raven/Sysadmin/MovieComputers.html COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS (as depicted in movies, naturally) by Jacob K. Matthews.

It was implemented as Movie OS in the User Friendly online comic strip in January 2001. http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20010111 Movie OS began with the comic strip itself and then various people began commenting on it, first in the UserFriendly forums and then elsewhere. MovieOS's most exciting feature may have been its: Other noted features of HollywoodOS include:

User interface features

Connectivity and security:

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What most people want is a HollywoodOs. That doesn't mean they're going to get one. - JayOsako

I dunno about that. Many of the features in HollywoodOs are available as off-the-shelf software - for example, Macs had speech recognition as early as 1993. And Hollywood has unlimited takes to get it right. -- JonathanTang
See also (humor alert) "JesOS™ -- The First True Christian™ Computer Operating System!" http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0907/jesOS.html

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