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There have been numerous pages created on the topic of planning:
Planning while in the Development Phase -- InProcessPlanning

While Thinking about and preparing for use a Personal Planning Process which uses the program which is being developed (a Linking Text editor - "NysLte") and some pages in the Topic Space of it, which has the same name (NysLte), the process leads to a means of documenting and clarifying remaining work to be done, as well as that already completed. It is being done while still development is "In Process", thus the tile of this page.
One of the characteristics of this program is how it can be used to define and extend notions, ideas, structures, and processes, whether it is done by restructuring and programming the existing process, or by using the process as is to do so.
One of the strong point of this process is the ability at any time to add to or discontinue use due to present use factors (what I need to do next). I can pick up where I left off by creating a TagWord? on the page, named something like: "WorkingHere?".
Since this program can be used for organizing information one would want to link together, its usage scope can be huge.
When plans for linking to external processes (which will follow as target of Version 2013), the scope will include in its reach, the entire internet, as well as links to other development venues and processes which exist in reachable and usable locales.
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