India Country

Located in the India subcontinent, is the largest country in the region and gained its independence from Britain (see BritishInvasionOfIndia) after the second world war, partly due to its contributions in helping the UK war efforts.

Its most illuminated citizen in the last century was MahatmaGandhi and he was assassinated by members of the Hindu party. The bloody civil wars shortly after independence led to creation of the Muslim countries of Pakistan, and later Bangladesh. What about Sri Lanka and its relationship to IndiaCountry?

[This is inaccurate. Bangladesh started as "East Pakistan"; there was a single separation from India (partition) in 1947, and a later civil war when East Pakistan separated from "West Pakistan" (which is now "Pakistan") to form Bangladesh in 1971. Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon (until the early 70's), was also part of the British Empire and gained independence as a dominion in 1948.]

IndiaCountry was poised to overtake China after the next decade to be the most populous country. It has been a highly class-segregated society and still there are abundant stories about harsh treatment of people (e.g. untouchables) by the ruling class there. Nonetheless, it has also shown up as the country where people are overall happiest in a recent survey.

A place which pretends to be the best by promoting outsourcing successes of outside companies that hired IndiaCountry natives, but does not allow outsourcing country natives an equal chance to compete in IndiaCountry.

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But they invented the zero. I would only be half a person without India. Some Indian people I know/knew suck. Most of them are really cool. They have their share of dicks, more or less, but that basically applies to everywhere. -- TheerasakPhotha

This country seems to be following a similar pattern to Japan in the early 1990's - there's resentment as American dollars and jobs pour into that country, while at the same time parts of their culture are starting to become more influential on our own (BollyWood?, etc.) Perhaps in ten years, everything will balance out, and relations will be much better and more casual. But, I confess, India's situation is quite different - the companies moving jobs there are perceived as American companese, as was not the case before.

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