Information Distribution


Information is a desirable thing. It is the thing you need, but seldom look for until you have tried a lot of things first.

Information is "distributed", not as an end itself, but to accompany products, describe methods and approaches, and to instruct a user as to how something should and should not be used. It accompanies our prescriptions, with what it is supposed to do, what to take or not to take with it, what side effects may be expected and when to stop taking it. It is supplied in book or electronic form with the software we purchase to help us install and use it.

Information that is "distributed" usually has a very visible and purposeful agenda. It is meant to inform, notify, and introduce us to that which is generally not known. (see InformationAndKnowledge)

Information that is "distributed" is quite different from that which is "sought". One will not need to use a search engine for it, and will know where it is, if enough care has been shown toward it and one has not "discarded" or "destroyed" it, but has preserved it in a "known" and organized place.

We are in an age where the expectations are heightening that people will have and know how to access information which is distributed in the form of "links" to internet sites, and that we will be able to view, print, or save the information directly from the site.

See also AttentionManagementSystem

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