Information Refrigerator

An InformationRefrigerator is a chart you have to open up and dig around in before you find the ketchup you're looking for.

Compare with InformationRadiator and BigVisibleChart

-- AlexChaffee
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This paper describes the concept and the technical issues of the Information Refrigerator System for future multi-media information providing/delivery infra-structure.
Objective of a perfect InformationRefrigerator: ;->
Sometimes used in WorryDrivenDevelopment to manage others' expectations. If people have too much information, they might get ideas about what and when you will deliver. You must then meet this commitment. With InformationRefrigerator, any information anyone needs to know is available; but since they have to work for it, the amount of information they can actually get is restricted in such a way that it is not your fault.

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