Information Security

InformationSecurity concerns itself with the technical aspects of SecurityManagement. The migration of material (and links) from SecurityManagement is not yet complete. -- dl

This is not the normal definition. InformationSecurity is about the security of information (and as such is really what's discussed on the SecurityManagement page. (inserts reminder to self to do a little gnoming later)


People to watch in InformationSecurity industry a WebServicesSecurity guru, founder of GeoTrust?? and author of "Securing Web Services with WS-Security" (ISBN 0672326515 ).

Some of his articles include: a GartnerInc VP with expertise in matters related to SecurityManagement.

Some of his views include:

Industry trends and developments GoogleHacking becoming important battleground in early 05 Standards related to Information security Evolving interface between Information security and IT Audit -- Source: DonTurnblade
See also InfoSec, WebApplicationSecurity, NetworkSecurity

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