Initial Blue Hat

At the beginning of a SixThinkingHats discussion, it is important to identify the topic to be discussed and to decide which hats are going to be used in what order. Because this is BlueHat thinking, most meetings start with an InitialBlueHat under which these matters are decided.

If you're doing SixThinkingHatsOnaWikiPage, you'll probably omit the InitialBlueHat from the page, because whatever you decided on will be obvious from the structure of the page.

Only the order of discussion as set up by the InitialBlueHat will be apparent. The page, if it represents a real discussion, will be in stages or incremental. While it is going on, ThreadMode will be its order and structure. Only in the WikiNow when the page is viewed as being finished, having been refactored to DocumentMode, will the structure be viewed as orderly and complete. While the page is in process, the structure will not be structured and orderly. -- YellowHat
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