Interactive Fiction

InteractiveFiction (IF) is an alternative name for text adventure games, used by those who believe that the genre isn't limited to adventures, let alone games, but instead is a form of art.

There are many other views on what IF is, but one major differentiator is the way the progress of the story is moderated, and the way events are resolved. Other genres that resemble InteractiveFiction include

These last three categories frequently inspire works of InteractiveFiction, but are not themselves examples of the genre. What these categories all have in common is that someone, somewhere has designed and written an environment, some rules for using it, and probably some sort of story involving it. How those components are used can make a huge difference to the experience, though.

People around here who are interested in InteractiveFiction: StephenVanEgmond, DavidGlasser, MarnixKlooster, GrahamNelson, LucianSmith, JayGoemmer, AllanBaruz, FrankCarver, LelahConrad, SteveMetsker, IanBailey, SusanDavis.

People around who are interested in InteractiveFiction programming languages: JeffDay.

Places you can find out more about Interactive Fiction:

On the web: Newsgroups: An IF Mud: In print: Some well-known languages for writing computer-moderated IF are: If you're interested in using one of the above languages, but can't make up your mind, read, the 'Which Authoring System is Best?' FAQ.

ChrisCrawford has been doing some interesting work in IF (see:

Actually, Crawford is a controversial figure in the IF community because of the rather over-the-top hype that he posted to news:// in the run-up to the release of his Erasmatron, and the Erasmatron's rather lackluster quality. -- SusanDavis

Sum more is: OASYS OasysLanguage? (I used it before)

The reason for discussing IF here is that I want to think about having InteractiveFictionPatterns?, which authors could use for designing and implementing IF. --MarnixKlooster

I've always been entranced by interactive fiction, MUDs, virtual spaces, Xanadu, and the like. When I first encountered WikiWiki lo these many moons ago, I thought of it as something like an InteractiveNonfiction form. -- AllanBaruz

Imagine if web pages used interactive fiction ...

> go

After a brief pause, a dazzling multi-colored page of words and pictures appears before your eyes. At the top in the center is the word Yahoo! in red letters. It is surrounded by icons for Finance, Messenger, Check Email, What's New, Personalize, and Help. Underneath this are ads for jobs, DVDs, and insurance, and under that is a small empty box with a button beside it that says "Search" ...

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