International Business Machines

Originally a time clock company. Ruled the world BeforeMicrosoft. The founder started out by using the HollerithPunchCard, and selling related machines to computer makers, and later starting building whole computers under the new name IBM.

Actually, HermanHollerith? invented PunchedCards while working for the US Census Bureau, then started his own company to commercialise it, and that was then, 30 years later. Bought by BigBlue.

See InterstellarBureauofMagicians for whimsy.

Company slogan: THINK.

Realized early on that text manipulation would be a big use of computers, not just numeric calculations, but then they went sadly astray. -- RobertField

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Most well-known trivia among computer professionals: the letters in "IBM" each succeed the letters in "HAL" (the computer in 2001: A SpaceOdyssey).


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