Internet Experience

The InternetExperience refers to the "LookAndFeel?" of the internet, namely how pages look, act, and behave. Pages such as most of the pages on this WikiWikiWeb would have a different experience than, say, a WebSite that relies heavily on MacromediaFlash animations. Generally, you can group it into two categories:

FormExperience?: How the page looks. The MacromediaFlash-heavy WebSite would have a more EstheticallyPleasing? design than, say, this WikiWikiWeb.

FunctionExperience?: How the page performs. The MacromediaFlash-heavy WebSite would be completely incompatible with a PlainText InternetBrowser such as LynxBrowser, and would tend to have too much VisualClutter? to perform better than, say, this WikiWikiWeb.

Generally, for a WebDesigner? is to concentrate on FunctionExperience? before FormExperience? - This WikiWikiWeb lends itself to look bland, however it's simple and intuitive to use. (These rules also apply to ComputerProgramming in general.)

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