Introduction To Algorithms

Note: The third edition appeared in 2009, ISBN (hardback) 978-0-262-03384-8.

Detailed, broad in scope, clearly written, very decently priced. I recommend it very highly. -- GarethMcCaughan

"Throughout this text, the authors anchor their discussion of algorithms with current examples drawn from molecular biology (like the Human Genome Project), business, and engineering. Each section ends with short discussions of related historical material, often discussing original research in each area of algorithms. On the whole, they argue successfully that algorithms are a "technology" just like hardware and software that can be used to write better software that does more, with better performance." --Amazon Review


The MIT Press does not have sales rights for this paperback edition in the US and Canada. Customers in the US and Canada must order the Cloth edition. All versions are still available at Amazon, but only ISBN 02 6203 2937 is still in print. The second editions are listed as in print by the MIT Press website, whereas the original edition is out of print.

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