Invent The Future

Invention is not a modern thing. It is what makes Man Modern ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20110315.20140816

There are those who merely wait, there are a few who are in a process to InventTheFuture. Sometime it is by accident that things are invented, but most things invented start with imagination, envisioning and planning. Invention Planning is something like engineering, but it has the characteristic of skipping a lot of steps, or testing by trial-an-error. The main goal of the inventor is to make it so ItWorks! A fire can warm a man, or warm the food he partakes. Was the first food cooked in a fire by accident or was it because a piece of frozen food was held in it longer than what was necessary to thaw it! In any case, a discovery of something UsefulUsableUsed occurred, and man remembered it.

The first recipe:

Place it in the fire or coals then walk to yonder tree and back, take it out of the fire, and serve!

In technology, and particularly in computing the recipe is the work of the technologist, technician, developer, programmer or user. Some times the recipe is not much more than CutPaste? ChangeIngredients? and Methods. Not Invention? I think on the lowest level it is invention. But those who InventTheFuture will have to decide what they want the future to look like and be. While most people do not think it possible or their task, there are just a few who do MakeItTheirBusiness?. If you would be one such person, I have but one word for you: Imagine !

It is imagination that sees and says
---From HorselessCarriageThinking -

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