Ip Username

Looking at RecentChanges, a lot more people recently UseIpAddressesNotUsernames. Let's try to use IpUsernameMessageBoard to contact them if necessary.

This page is flawed in its concept. There is no such thing as an "IpUsername". You either have a UserName set, or you have no UserName. The titling of this page implies that a user's IP address is chosen deliberately as a pseudonym or AnonymousIdentity, whilst in reality that person is just applying EgolessWiki.

Objections to the lame excuse of "Applying EgolessWiki". I have noted at least one person who comes here with a large variety of IpUsername, and then go on to attempt to troll others by naming other people in pages where its presence make little sense except to notify the community of the posting individuals courage, superiority, etc. Contrast with this particular edit (as in yours above), even though a UserName was used for the post, it does not flame others, and the details of who was involved will be washed out in the next edit. How much more egoless can things be, if both the content and the delivery can be subjected to refactoring for improvement.

There are numerous reasons why a contribution to a page may be made WithoutSignature. In the present case, I see no reason why this page would benefit from having my name on it. Whether I had a UserName cookie set or not, this would still be the case. The WikiNow will wash away any physical traces of who wrote these words in a few days, anyway, and we won't be any worse for it.

In the case of "flawed", yes a better PageName (e.g. IpUser?) exist. Perhaps you can improve it yourself, rather than complaining about its inadequacies? -- DavidLiu

I don't agree that "IpUser?" is a discrete state that merits being described in a page. When you relate such a concept to an unsigned edit, you project your assumptions onto that edit. There are numerous reasons why a UserName cookie may or may not be set. If you're in any doubt as to the intentions of the author of a contribution, ask them on the page about it. If you don't get an answer, well, that's the way the wiki crumbles.

Using IPs and signing is way better than impersonating the VoiceOfWiki as DavidLiu does, when he ought to sign highly personal and potentially controversial material (like the one on this page). Most of the regulars know the range of IPs each other are using, ever since trolls made it necessary for us to know such information (see SockPuppet). Polluting wiki with rants is no EgolessWiki, it highly ego-centric, except that the ego runs away from accountability and responsibility. Nevermind that EgolessWiki in itself is not a concept validated in this community. It's more like a propaganda term used to advance petty personal agenda every now and then. -- CostinCozianu

Users of IpUsername always have the disadvantage of inviting unnecessary queries about the extent of commitment to AssumeGoodFaith collaboration. Besides FlyingVisitors, there are regulars that deliberately flame others and contribute to WikiNoisePollution. RealName usage at MeatBall probably contributed more than any other policy towards BarnRaising efforts.

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