Ip Username Message Board

This is a page for attempting to communicate with users who UseIpAddressesNotUsernames and therefore lack HomePages. These communications may be useful in situations where there is a desire to discuss wiki page content changes and it may not be useful to write directly in the page where variances in opinions exist.

To 82-44-94-98

I respect your right to privacy. However, considering your continued disregard for other people's opinions and points of view, I hereby announce that I have SetTheBozoBit on you.

I will continue to review your edits, and if I think they are inappropriate then I will revert them. I will no longer engage in debate or discussion with you until you show respect for other people.

I consider it inappropriate for you to edit this page. This is a message from me (us?) to you. No reply is expected. A change in your behaviour is the only way you can flip the BozoBit back again.

There are generally many more readers than editors. I do respect everyone. -- Anon

Your behaviour indicates otherwise.

And that justifies Doug replacing the content of ten pages with "delete" without explanation? He seemed to be running a script.

Nothing justifies deleting pages out of hand but that's not the point. (And incidentally, it's rather obvious that Doug did not use a script.) The point is that Doug is capable of learning since he stopped as soon as he got an indication how offensive and controversial his actions were. He stopped even before I wrote it up in WikiVandals. YOU didn't stop because you don't learn.

You don't learn because you don't listen to people. You didn't listen to anything anyone said on AnotherMessageForAnon? and that demonstrates fundamental and abiding non-respect of people. I say non-respect because 'disrespect' tends to imply a certain choice, someone disrespects another consciously, which is not the case for you. Why? Because you're a sociopath, you're incapable of caring for others.

Incidentally, I really don't give a damn about your behaviour one way or the other. It has never affected me and the issue is utterly trivial. The only thing that matters to me and which I find deeply offensive is the fact that you are a sociopath. It's not what you do, it's what you are. As a sociopath, the only thing you'll care about, beyond the limited community you adhere to (which is not this one) is power. Like the power demonstrated by hard banning you. It's entirely possible that once this power is demonstrated, you'll decide to respect the power and toe the line. If that ever happened, I would be deeply disturbed. I want you gone. -- RK

Message for 82-44-94-98.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk

Now it's something that I don't understand, mr. BlueYonder?. After I sticked my neck out for you, I was surprised to see you post once more from your blueyonder IP, so I was glad that some sense has come back to wiki.

But now I'm seeing you posting from some malaysian proxy, which makes me have second thoughts about sticking my neck. Is it that the ban is still in effect, or has taken effect only now, or is it that you do it for other obscure reasons? If the latter is the case, I'd rather suggest you drop this idea, cause it doesn't win you popularity points, your style is too obvious to fool anybody involved, and the best you can hope for is that some poor malaysian student eager to discuss design patterns, might stare at this wiki wondering why he cannot. So what's this all about? -- CostinCozianu

I think I've demonstrated it's trivial to mimic b-y's style. -- SixChipmunks? Wow. Is it just me, or over the last 24 hours has this place become unusually, er, surreal? Methinks everyone needs to bogart a fat spliff and chill. -- TwoFatChicksAndOneUndersizedMumu? Please see AnotherMessageForAnon?

Is b-y back? Someone is making many trivial pendantic edits (adding full stops to the end of sentences, mostly) and reversing other people's edits without explanation, using multiple IP addresses but making the same kinds of edits from all of them. Addresses seen: 221x240x121x243.ap221.ftth.ucom.ne.jp

Yes, and in fact he never went away, he has an infinite supply of IP addresses. He was just less active until a few days ago. He's the guy who is doing an OffTopic anti-Christianity EditWar on JaimeWong, currently.


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