Is Squeak Dead

Braaaaaiiinnnsssss.. bring more braaaaaiiinnnnssss ;) It's actually quite alive and acquiring more "brainage"

   -- RHE

I hope not. But there's not much current on it. Can someone set the record straight?
Squeak is not dead; it is just its website that has been neglected. Here are some resources:

Also see the SqueakSmalltalk page -- JohnPfersich

And the new homepage at -- DougWay
Another link:

   -- KenCausey

Squeak is most certainly not dead. Its mailing list has been getting full of more and more traffic over the years, with more people coding quite a wealth of libraries and useful applications. For me, Squeak is my desktop system, and the support is certainly there when I need it- whether I'm searching the Swiki (go there first, not the page!), talking to folks on IRC or asking on the mailing list. In a lot of ways, the Squeak community is quite a bit more supportive than the Python or Perl community- it's smaller, but it's not so unwieldy. It is usually a lot easier to get an answer, even when it's question the Python or Perl folks would just say "read the FAQ, stoopid newbie." You even have a chance that your question will be answered by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls or another incredible visionary.

Older Comments--

Squeak isn't dead it's just navel-gazing.

[Insert your own Monthy Python style descriptions of the squeak community here]
It must be one heavily lint-ridden navel. I posted this page a few weeks ago; while the absence of responses doesn't necessarily mean much, I find the lack of Squeak (and/or Smalltalk) activity here and elsewhere disconcerting.

Does anyone have a positive Squeak of the Union address they can provide?

I'm not a Squeaker, but in the last two years I've heard a fair number of people in the real world (i.e. not online) talking about it. I would think it's just another small niche, where people are active, but not necessarily talking about what they're doing as much as you would think. I thought Forth was dead, until last year, and it turns out I was quite wrong; it's just...niche. But thriving in that niche.

Send some squeakers email, if you really care.

Oh...and the big shakeup at Disney no doubt is a big reason why things are quieter than before, don't neglect that factor.

You might ask is HyperCard(TM) dead...

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