Issue Base

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Don't use a BugBase?, have an IssueBase. If NoBugDatabase needed, transcend this page!

Name: IssueBase

Problem: You need to track a bunch of code-related complaints, changes, workarounds, or bugs.

Context: You are developing a system with others and must satisfy all the DefectTrackingPatterns.

Forces: Requires the following roles: Solution: Use, adopt, or develop an IssueBase

An open source version of an IssueBase might be a MySQL/PHP/Apache combo, integrate that with some custom scripts, RevisionControlSystem, a good AutomatedBuild?, and an AutomatedConfigurationManagementSystem? - you have an IssueBase. Some say

Required Roles(people can double up or automate): Every Issue has the following data: The IssueBase is written in PHP/MySQL and is integrated with: An integrated IssueBase uses all the DefectTrackingPatterns Resulting Context: You now have excellent logging of issues, a way to measure your team's performance, almost universal extendability, and you satisfy the DefectTrackingPatterns.

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