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IwannaLearnLinux because some people don't think that "people without Unix knowledge have no right to work in InformationTechnology." Instead of having to explain to people over and again that there's more to IT than Unix, I might as well spend the time learning LinuxOperatingSystem instead.

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Other reasons for learning Linux


Need to know CeeLanguage a bit, enough to compile the packages that come with a Unix distribution???

Nonsense. I've been using Linux for years successfully without knowing a shred of C. Just read the INSTALL file with a package and it'll tell you what to do. Or use DebianLinux or something else with a decent PackageManager?...

I've occasionally found it useful to know a little CeeLanguage when installing software, because I've occasionally had Autoconf guess wrong about the compiler flags it should use, and have had to fix things manually. Of course, most modern Linux variants include a PackageManager? of some kind, so this is a decreasingly important issue. [TammyCravit, 2005/05/11]

Tools of the trade

Presumably an IT person without a Unix PC would have MicrosoftWindows on their intel type PC which they have admin rights.

If you have that much, then you can start learning Unix by installing CygWin on your system. I have not done it myself, but have searched for compatibility problems on the net and problems seem to be few. If you do not want to put something on your PC I think you can still get KnoppixLinux which can be started as an OS on the fly(AKA LiveCdOs) .

Dirt cheap books, articles and guides for beginners

Selected pages from WardsWiki

Some web resources

Aspects of Unix to start your awareness (and appreciation)

IwannaLearnLinux QuickQuestions

Q Are there simple reading material like "Unix for the Microsoft VbClassic developer" ?


My answer for this question is to look for HOWTO type documents for what you want to do. eg: HOWTO shell script. HowTo documents often have step-by-step instructions on, funnily enough, how to do the particular task you are trying to do. -- SusanRoy

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