Java Csp

A JavaLanguage implementation of CommunicatingSequentialProcesses.

See The authors of the book ConcurrencyStateModelsAndJavaPrograms are associated with Java CSP. Although the book is about a lot more than CSP.

I wish JamesGosling et al. had made some form of CSP the root concurrency mechanism of Java. From the CommunicatingSequentialProcesses page...

There is quite a contrast between this very simple code, and the same thing written in a language with lower-level concurrency, e.g monitor-based (also invented by CarHoare, some time before CSP).

See ErlangLanguage which has AsynchronousMessagePassing? at its root, used in NearRealTime applications for TeleCommunications?, InternetInfrastructure?, and EndUserApplications? too. This model can perform well for Java-based applications.



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