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Java 5 Idioms

The word 'Idiom', in this context, should be taken to mean something like 'Common Practice'. This page isn't an appropriate place to put patterns, it's a place to put example of common solutions to java coding problems. If the Idiom linked to off this page has no code, then its a pattern. If its about using a related group of classes to solve a design problem, then it is a pattern too.

Architectural idioms: Memory management and reference/value semantics: Object creation and initialization idioms Enumeration and collection idioms: How to use interfaces: Exception idioms: Concurrency idioms Type-safety idioms Performance Documentation and commenting InnerClasses Networking, Remote Objects & Remote Method Invokation General workarounds, idioms, references and miscellanea: AntiPatterns & AntiIdioms:

Related Work:

Caveat: read the reviews on Amazon to check that the above two books are aimed at your level of experience. Also, you can find several of the patterns in these books, and the upcoming volume 3, on this page and elsewhere on the WikiWikiWeb. Volume 3 is out and claims to cover J2EE design patterns.

This book has a chapter on architectural styles for concurrent programs.

The second edition of this book, which radically altered the chapter structure, is ISBN 0201310090 .

Strictly more about good coding than idioms but very relevant.

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