Java Lost Enumerated Types

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C and C++ have "enum." Now Java does too. So why aren't you happy?

Shouldn't this link to the CeePlusPlusDesignFlaws? page, instead? :-)

Yes, I know you can define a class with "static const final" definitions of valid values, but that still doesn't give you an enumerated type -- the values aren't instances of the class, now are they?

See EnumeratedTypesInJava for a solution which is actually more useful than C/C++'s "enum".

I've seen this gripe a million times and you know, I've been working in Java for over two years now (with C++ before) and have not yet missed typedefs or enums... Just goes to show you can't be all things to all people.

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Enumerated types have been added to Java 1.5, and yes they are proper class instances which means that you can do proper polymorphism.

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