Jens Coldewey

I'm an independent consultant in Munich, Germany. I specialized an OO business systems, especially in the context of insurances.

From 1992 till the end of 1997 I was a consultant at sd&m in Munich, Germany [1], working in the ARCUS project at last[2]. This project tried to find patterns for the design of OO business information systems. (Just have a look at our project server [2] to get details)

My email:

My phone: +49-89-74995702 My fax: +49-89-74995703

My address: Toni-Schmid-Str. 10 b; D-81825 Muenchen; Germany

I had my first experiences with patterns in fall 1993, when I found the GOF pattern mailing list by chance. I liked the idea and the designs, so I kept on reading. In the beginning of 1996 I joined our ARCUS project - just as it turned towards patterns - and started to write patterns on my own.

I did my Diploma (roughly relates to a German MSc.) in 1991 at the Technical University of Munich and joined sd&m in 1992. Project experience includes OO design projects and QA (Scott Adams isn't right! QA may be quite interesting if you do the right things).

For publications have a look at our former project server [2].

Before and during university I worked as film operator in a cinema and as a paramedic. And every year I join a summer camp for 'financially challenged' Munich children.

Non-CS interests include literature (I took some lessons in German literature during my university), Rock music (whatever it may be), cycling and movies.

Jens is also one of the co-chairs of the EuroPlop 98 conference

See also ArcusProject DecouplingOfObjectOrientedSystems

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