Jim Mc Farland

I am a Senior Applications Engineer at OracleCorporation. I have been at Oracle since April 2007.

I had previously been working at AppForge? as a Senior Quality Assurance / Testing Engineer. Prior to joining AppForge?, I was an Automated Test Engineer at Alogent. Prior to joining Alogent, I was a Senior QA Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer with McKesson in Alpharetta, GA. From Spring of 2001 to Summer of 2004, I worked at MediaOcean in Atlanta in two different roles. Initially as a Software Engineer and then as a Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer. At MediaOcean, I worked with ObieFernandez.

I have over 16 years of experience in software development. Languages I have worked with during my career as a software developer include CsharpLanguage, VisualBasicDotNet, JavaLanguage, DelphiLanguage, VisualBasic, CeePlusPlus, CeeLanguage, ExtensibleMarkupLanguage, and XsltLanguage. Prior to joining MediaOcean in 2001, I worked at ChoicePoint and RedSky. At RedSky I worked with HankRoark. I also spent 5.5 years working as a consultant/software developer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

More info can be found in my resume at http://home.comcast.net/~jim.mcfarland/resume/resume.html.

My technical interests include software quality, agile software development processes, patterns and object-oriented design. The language I wish I could work in professionally is RubyLanguage.

I can be reached via email at mailto:jim.mcfarland@gmail.com.

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