Jimmy Cerra

Name: James Francis Cerra

Born: 22 February 1981

Died: I'm not dead yet! (as of 25-09-2004, 2005-01-15)

Occupation: Engineering Physics Student

Journal: http://www.slashdot.org/~Quantum%20Jim/journal/

What books does everyone have in their personal libraries, and what are their publishers?

What a bizarre question. As if you expect it to be a half dozen books, rather than a number much too long to list. You'd be very sorry if all us bibliophiles answered you literally.

(Doesn't this belong @ /.?) I didn't expect complete answers. I didn't even completely answer my own question! The intent was to think about how one's collection gathered, and I also wanted a general survey of some good (and bad) books. Perhaps the question wasn't worded correctly.

Some old and recent answers can be found at MyLowestBookshelf.

Thank You!


I have seen the ColdWar page and I believe both your views and the other views there have validity, and is useful on this C2 site as a "warring pattern" -- dl

Could you explain a little bit more? What's a "warring pattern?"

see TheArtOfWar - <ColdWar exists between family members too :)>

Hello there! I wanted SomethingNew?, but it turned out to be a vacuous page. I suggest you delete it.

Hu? Your comment is a little vacuous. Just kidding. ;) Could you explain that comment again, since it confuses me?


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