Jiri Lundak

I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer and Head of Development with LoewenfelsPartner?, Switzerland. We are developing software for social scecurity agencies. After I have attended the first ScrumGathering? in Vienna in 2004 I have become a CertifiedScrumMaster.

What I was not able to do in my previous job, I try now: to implement an agile software development process. We are basing our development activities on the ScrumProcess and we try to scale it across multiple teams, in an offshoring situation and for MultiProjectManagement?.

Never giving up to fight the uphill battle! ;-)

Previously I was trying to transition to XpAtUdNeueMedien, but we failed miserably. We were 3 developers all not doing ExtremeProgramming anymore. Instead we all hacked away as LonesomeCowboyCoders? at whatever requirements management threw at us.

  1. There was no OnSiteCustomer (only a feeble shadow of a CustomerProxy that formulates imaginary user requirements)
  2. There was no PlanningGame (only lists of tasks entered once in PowerPoint and then forgotten or seldom updated, but management says: "Hey, we have a plan...")
  3. There was no UnitTest and merely no AcceptanceTest (We are so good at coding and the framework does it all for us - emm, but also has no unit tests)
  4. There was no PairProgramming (not even a sitting together for more than a few minutes, as we all work independently and so make more money)
  5. Oh yes, we were DOING ContinuousIntegration (we have release cycles from implementation to production of minutes - sometimes we even edit HTML code or make database modifications directly in the production database...anybody knows a shorter release cycle?)
  6. Well, we have CollectiveCodeOwnership, kind of (but there are your colleagues, that tell you: "I'll do that, I know the UI code better than you!")
  7. Ahh, refactoring. Ok, we wanted to refactor (but who knows a RefactoringBrowser for HTML-code? ;-) )

So you would like to fail in implementing ExtremeProgramming? Well, then call me up, I can give you some useful hints...

...you can reach me at mailto:jiri.lundak@acm.org.


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