Jiri Soukup

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Dr. Jiri Soukup is President of Code Farms, Inc. (http://www.codefarms.com/), a company promoting better software design methods. Our first product, the C++ DataObjectLibrary(http://www.codefarms.com/orgc/), has built-in pattern classes and automatic persistency. Dr. Soukup was one of the key contributors to several state-of-the-art CAD projects. If you buy any electronic equipment today, the chances are high that it contains at least some chips that were designed with programs he helped develop. Jiri was director and a founding member of Cadence Design Systems, manager of AT&T's VLSI layout system, and one of the key developers of a printed board layout system currently sold by IBM.

Jiri has published the book Taming C++: Pattern Classes and Persistence for Large Projects ISBN 0-201-52826-6 (http://www.codefarms.com/publications/book/), and is working on another book with the tentative title "Implementing Patterns". Jiri is also working on two new projects: A Pattern Class Library implemented with templates (no code generation), and PersistentPointerFactory - a library which makes instantly any program or library persistent. Both products will be released soon by Code Farms. Jiri lives on a real farm and has a number of outdoor related hobbies. He is also an enthusiastic sailor and navigator (offshore certification). Jiri is originally Czech (studied electrical and control engineering, technical cybernetics, and pure math in Prague), came to North America in 1970, and has lived alternately between Canada and the USA since.

Data Management and C++ Project Papers: http://www.codefarms.com/publications/


Book Reviewed by Francis Glassborow in C Vu 7-1
  Taming C++ by Jiri Soukup  ISBN  0-201-52826-6           


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