Joel Spolsky

Founder of Fog Creek Software, which makes an HTML editor/content manager called CityDesk, and, in many people's opinion, exceptionally nice bug tracking software called FogBugz?. His weblog, JoelOnSoftware,, has lots of great articles on software. He likes BigDesignUpFront: and HungarianNotation, but no one's perfect. He does something similar to XP's PlanningGame - it's more-or-less the prioritization part without the scheduling.


JS has a clean and vivid writing style - a major acheivement considering the subjects. The drawback is when he's completely wrong he is very hard to counter. --PhlIp

His essay on "Five Worlds" -- -- sheds a lot of light on his skepticism about XP. XP methodologies are very effective in corporate-internal development like the storied C3 project, where requirements can change at any time over the course of the project, but they don't exactly add a whole lot when writing shrink-wrap software (his preferred world), and they'd probably be actively obstructive in embedded-software and game development. (There's a reason embedded and games are almost exclusively CeeLanguage and CeePlusPlus.)


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