John Brewer

I've been following ExtremeProgramming since I first heard about it fall of 1999 at a SiliconValleyPatternsGroup meeting, when AlistairCockburn kept comparing UseCases to UserStories. In November of 1999, I ran across KentsBook at ComputerLiteracy, and was hooked. I attended XpImmersionTwo in February/March of 2000, and have been a hardcore XPer ever since.

I wrote what I hope is the definitive FAQ for XP: See JohnBrewersXpFaq

I'm a co-founder of MarinJava, as well as the BayAreaXpUsersGroup.

For more information about me, see my personal home page at

I can be reached via email at

I really love Wiki, especially the BlackaddersMap aspect. In fact, I've created a PalmPilot 7 PQA so I can read Wiki while on the road. See PalmOsWikis for details and a screen shot.

I'm a member of the XpMailingList, as well as JerryWeinberg's ShapeForum?. Would that I could get the content of the former with the signal-to-noise ratio of the latter.


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