John Nolan

Too long since I kept this up-to-date!!

I am currently at bringing Agile to the Capital Markets.

After being CTO at Connextra for 5 years, I left to take some time off, but ended up consulting on XP to several largish organizations.

Eventually, was tempted by Sun Microsystems Research to get involved with their Wireless Sensor work, and ended up running a team that built a complete hardware and software platform in 6 months - ARM cpu, 802.15.4 radio and a Java VM running all the way down to the metal - SunSpots? is what they are.


see my blog:

I have been everything from Programmer through Chief Architect of a company - and I am on may way back "up" to being a Programmer. Have worked in Engineering, Finance and Electronic Commerce.

Having been around for a while, I have tried most of the development forms; self-hacking, full analysis and design, etc. But I now think the best products, and best times were those that conformed closely to the ExtremeProgramming model - although I cannot claim to have ever participated in a pure-XP project (yet).

I was inspired to join in this particular bazaar after attending a session on XP run by PaulDyson and DavidHarvey at OT99 (see OtNinetyNine), where we got to do XP with guidance. Also had a good talk with KentBeck and PaulDyson on the whole ExtremeProgramming topic, with and without the aid of whiskey (and it still made sense sober - which is more than we can say for you John :-) -- pd).

Now one of the Founders of Connextra - a company 100% based on XP which delivers the Sidewize product.

I liked it so much I set up a company.

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