John Wait

John Wait has had the good fortune to work with very good writers and bright programmers since 1979 first at Prentice Hall, then at Addison Wesley. He now serves as publisher for each of these companies.

For example, John met RichardHelm at an OO show in Manhattan in 1992. John had noticed that budding authors looked at books backward, starting with the index then the bibliography. I guess this might be called the "authoring pattern". Richard was skimming books backward in the Addison-Wesley booth at this trade show. John mentioned this "pattern" to Richard.

Richard mentioned ErichGamma, he, RalphJohnson, and JohnVlissides were writing a book. On a very rainy October day in Portland, Oregon 2 years later... well you know that story.

Years later in the IBM Hawthorne cafeteria, JohnVlissides shared with John Wait that there is this neat technology called Eclipse, that we might want to watch.

Problem solving and learning about new technology is hard. John enjoys helping developers who like to write and teach - by encouraging them to multicast - to write and teach to many.

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