Joseph Goguen

Where do I start? [2] His research led to the languages OBJ [ObjLanguage] and FOOPS, he is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Consciousness[1]. His work has introduced me and many others to abstract algebra and functional programming. He has written many ground breaking papers on the subject of software reuse. See Tossing Algebraic Flowers down the Great Divide[3]. Also check out his recent Tatami[4] project.

I'm obviously a big fan of Goguen --RobertDiFalco
Joseph Goguen's OBJ3 system has seen new development. It is now OpenSource, runs on Linux, and is available via JosephKiniry is the new-ish OBJ3 maintainer and one of Joseph's current unofficial Ph.D. advisees. (Sorry for all the "Josephs" - it gets confusing once in a while.) --JosephKiniry

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