Joseph Styons

I am an American programmer for a software company called Blackbaud, who uses Visual Studio (mostly VB.NET these days) and SQL Server.

In a former life I worked for Nucor Steel, where I used Delphi to write client-server Win32 apps that ran on an Oracle back-end.

I may also be found in a few other places: On StackOverflow here: and here:

On a company hosted development forum here:

On LinkedIn here:

I also took some pictures which are mildly interesting near the place I used to live:

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too. Some more about myself, in the hopes of generating some conversation here: I still have a lot to learn as a programmer (graduated college in 2001), but so far my main interest- and maybe this is mostly an aesthetic thing- is in making software as user-friendly and feature-filled as possible without introducing visual clutter. For this reason, Firefox has become one of my favorite programs. I especially like features that are invisible but still intuitive (who doesn't, right?). As a trivial example, the use of the Backspace key to go back in a browser, or F5 to refresh a screen. MouseGestures are great, IMO.

What type of work do you do in your company?

Basically we have a large in-house suite of software that serves the non-profit industry. I write customizations to that software.

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