Juan Pablo Nunnez Rojas

Hello WikiWiki World!

I'm a Computer Science Student from Chile, University of Chile more precisely. I have a part time job as a java programmer. English is just my second language, so you must excuse my strange style.

I encountered the WikiWikiWeb some months ago while googling for patterns information...I think that if someone searches for this, sooner or later will arrive to this site.

My participation as a writer on this wiki has been very shallow; being a WikiGnome some times, asking questions here and there the rest.

One page I find myself coming back time and again is HowCanSomethingBeSuperGreatWithoutProducingExternalEvidence, which I find extremely irritating. The notion that a language has been around for 40 years, and lacks libraries, has many different incompatible implementations, and lacks examples of RealLifeApplications?, is very disturbing. If your language is so great, why doesn't it rule the world already? It has had more than enough time. (take, in contrast, Fortran. Yeah, there are also a lot of implementations, but they are somewhat compatible. And Fortran still rules the Mathematician/Physics World).

Yeah, I'm talking about Lisp. No, The fact that PaulGraham says that he used it for creating some online store, which runs ServerSide?, and of course, whose code we cannot expect to see, doesn't count as proof. However, since I'm still young, and just entering the industry, I will giver PaulGraham some credit, and I am willing to try the ArcLanguage...whenever he feels it is ready to rock.

Of course the WikiWikiWeb has made some impression on me, and I have my own wiki! It is about ScienceFiction, and...is in spanish. It is in very early stages, but the site looks cool already :) If you are still interested, here is a link. There is a short story I wrote there.

Homepage: http://www.dcc.uchile.cl/~jununez/pmwiki/pmwiki.php

Thank you for letting me know you deleted it. I plan to add, but had to post a note saying this is just a Plan since I have another deadline.

I would appreciate your feedback on WikiSig.

-- HansWobbe

Welcome, I am glad you added your wiki to the SwitchWiki project! :-) Best, MarkDilley

In fact, I didn't!! Some kind soul did this for me.

whose code we cannot expect to see, doesn't count as proof.

So, only (more or less) open-source software counts ?

In an ideal world, the LanguagesOfChoice would all be MainstreamLanguages. Why are they different ? Like you, I wonder why.

-- DavidCary

JuanPabloNunnezRojas! Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your thoughts on my Life's Blood Ministry site (http://LBministry.org). I finally solved the problem of the crowding at the top of the pages. I'm very new at this and appreciate your inputs. I've enjoyed your challenging thoughts on the issues on my Wiki page as well. -- BrucePennington CategoryHomePage

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