Juergen Hermann

A good starting point is WelcomeVisitors or FrontPage, and of course StartingPoints. I like the WikiPrayer.

I'm a software engineer, and currently focused on PythonLanguage, CeePlusPlus, and CategoryXml. You can mail me at mailto:jh@web.de.

These are my current projects: My newest books: I also hang out on InternetRelayChat (EFnet, OPN) using the nick snibril, mostly on this channels: IRC people I know that are also on the WikiWikiWeb:
Diary and Random Rants

See http://www.advogato.org/person/jhermann/

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Hi Juergen! How are ya? --ShaeErisson

How do you get your UserName linked under the RecentChanges page? --David (david at bus.ucf.edu)

Hello Juergen, I use to use TWiki and I'm suprised, that there is no user authentification. Courageous! (Martin from Mainz)

Twistedmatrix is covered with spam and keeps falling over whenever I try to revert it. Not sure who owns it? --AndrewCates
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