Jun Verzola

JunVerzola is the WikiName of Pio Verzola Jr., a Filipino activist and journalist-researcher with experience in database programming and website management. He was mostly based in the Cordillera region of Northern Luzon, Philippines in the past 25 years (1984-2009), with stints in a few other places within the same period. He has worked with Northern Dispatch Weekly and Radio Sagada (in its preparatory phase). Since then, he has worked with GMA Network, a leading broadcast network in the Philippines, and IBON, an international NGO focused on capacity development for social movements.

In 2005, Verzola started a wiki on this site for building a LanguageThesaurusScheme for Philippine languages. This Thesaurus was for a time hosted by http://www.philthesaurus.schtuff.com, now defunct. Verzola maintains a test-bed wiki site for topics on Philippine history and geography, http://wiki.iraia.net/mw.

In 2012, Verzola returned to this site to re-explore its possible uses as a sandbox for his iraia.net test-bed site. (So you could say my homepage here is a test-bed for a test-bed site. I'm looking at possibilities of using this site for my explorations into philosophy, language, information, and maybe social sciences or history. Still not sure. I'll start with GeneralAndParticular, and follow up with ObjectsAndProcesses. How tenuous could I be.)

I've added QuantityAndQuality (as of March 19, 2013).

[Note by Jun: I'll add more to this HomePage as I familiarize myself with this wiki community. And, by the way, one of the things that interested me to learn wiki is its origins in PatternLanguage. I have read Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language and The Timeless Way of Building. I think they apply to other fields of creative endeavor, not to mention life processes.]

Hi Jun, and welcome to WardsWiki. For an introduction I would recommend you start with the links on NewUserPages.

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