Junit With Forte

The instructions below are outdated now. There's a JUnit Module for NetBeans. See http://junit.netbeans.org/

It's easy to integrate JavaUnit with Sun's ForteForJava.

E.g. the arguments should look something like this:

 -cp {filesystems}{:}{classpath}{:}{library} junit.swingui.TestRunner {classname} {arguments}
Now you can execute your test suite in the test runner by selecting the Execute option on the context menu for the test suite.

It is also convenient to create source templates for unit tests and per-package test suites. Just select "Save As Template..." on the context menu of a test class and select a category for the template. Then in the "Tools|Global Options..." dialog, edit the template to a useful initial form by selecting "Open" from the template's context menu. Now new test classes can be created very easily.

See: http://innertesters.netbeans.org/junit-style.html

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