Kay Johansen

JustaProgrammer who's interested in software process. Tired of seeing so much wasted effort, wasted money and wasted talent on software projects, I turned to ExtremeProgramming (out of desperation) and found to my pleasant surprise all the thousand LightweightMethodologies (now called AgileProcesses.)

I live in Utah Valley (south of SaltLakeCity?). I used to work at WordPerfectNovellCorel, developing WordPerfect, QuattroPro?, and Presentations in CeePlusPlus. Then I spent some time learning small company politics as well as how to build an enterprise information system in VisualBasic. Next, I established a software test team at an Internet hosting company, learning about testing (fun!), managing talented people (really fun!) and about company politics (not quite as fun, but still educational). I did some automated testing at a financial institution, followed by establishing another agile test team on a very large project. Currently I'm an independent consultant.

I'm thrilled by what I perceive as the Agile methods taking the distilled wisdom of many, many years of software practice. What this means to me is I can spend my time learning and practicing concepts and techniques that other people (whom I have confidence in) recommend, thus saving a lot of my time I would otherwise spend chasing down dead ends. (Kind of like an Editor's Choice for software development process...)

Mission: I aspire some day to be a SlowLearner.

Hobbies: ExtremeProgramming, Riding Dressage, ScienceFiction

Dressage is the training of the horse for strength, obedience and suppleness. It has been an Olympic sport since 1912, and the earliest known book on the subject is "On Horsemanship" (Xenophon, 350 BC), but I have only been doing it since 1996. I have a long way to go. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dressage

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Hi Kay,

You said that at the end of the "XpDoesntSell?" project, the XP team was laid off because of perceptions they weren't working as hard as the other development team. How did the rest of the company go after that? A roaring success, or another DotBomb? -- BenAveling

Hi Ben, the company is no longer in business. And I am somewhat wiser for the experience. -- Kay
Hi Kay,

what level of dressage are you working at? ValerieWill?

Hi Valerie,

Currently, First. I am on a new horse. I have done up to St Georges on a lovely schoolmaster, sadly since passed away. And you?


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