Kehei Wiki

KeheiWiki is derived from JosWiki and targets commercial applications, intranets and private clubs.

see: BobRackosWikiExtensions

It is open source - for download instructions
I have implemented a capability model in KeheiWiki and it ties in well with the apache groups file. It has been there for some time though recently I found ways to generalize it and remove any hierarchical constraints.

In essence anyone may have any number of capabilities associated with their identity. You can be a member of multiple groups. Any page or action in KeheiWiki may designate what combination of capabilities is required to modify the page or perform the action. (Actions being, say, rename a page, change own password or declare a new namespace.) -- BobRacko

KeheiWiki is now being used for the project. A 'wiction' is the product of one or more authors collectively working on a collaboration (short story, novelette, serial, novel, trilogy, etc.) and unleashing it to readers for their enjoyment. Each such collaboration is a separate instance of KeheiWiki.

The project is also available at,,,, and ;)


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