Ken Rawlings

I've been a Java guy for years now, but in my spare time lately I've been doing a lot of work with the MicrosoftDotNet Beta2, and as much as I hate to admit it, it's pretty compelling technology. HailStorm and Passport are scary, but as for the rest: if you're a programmer, spend some quality time with C# and the .NET Framework Classes (particularly System.Windows.Forms, System.XML, and System.Reflection.Emit) - you won't be sorry. And definitely check out SharpDevelop, a GPL IDE for .NET (I just love the irony of that).

I first heard of Wiki a few years ago on the MetaKit website but didn't Get It and found the idea that someone could delete everything unsettling. Then I ran across TheWikiWay at the local Borders the other day and decided to take another look. There's something subtly compelling about all this that's quickly grown on me. It reminds me of ManilaByDaveWiner with everything not absolutely needed removed. Simplicity taken to the extreme. [Wow, 30 seconds after writing this, someone added CategoryHomePage to this page. I didn't even know what that is, but now I do and I'm glad they did it. Then someone came in and noticed I was doing lists wrong and fixed 'em. Cooooool.] [More coolness: typing MetaKit automatically linked to the aforementioned Wiki I first heard of years ago].

It bothered me for years that I didn't update my webpage more often. Even though I know HTML well, I just never got around to it. I kept thinking about designing some sort of XML/XSLT/Whatever engine to streamline it, but never did. Now that I'm a WikiAddict, I ended up moving my homepage to a custom QuickiWiki and have been extremely happy with it (plus, it gives me a great sandbox to try implementing things like ModestWikiProposal).

Friends: ScottCramer
Thanks for being here. I love SharpDevelop! That's you? You have your work cut out here. They hate all things MicroSoft here and especially MicrosoftDotNet, so it doesn't matter if it's compelling technology. If it's MicroSoft and not SmallTalk, forget it. From another MicrosoftDotNet fan.

No, i'm just a happy user of SharpDevelop, although recently I've started transitioning to VisualStudioNet?. I can understand a lot of the resistance to .NET, in fact it wasn't until reading an interview with MiguelDeIcaza? that I took a serious look at it myself.

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