Ken Wronkiewicz

The Usual D-tails

I'm a programmer. I suppose I'm decent. ;)

For more details, see

Did I just make sense, or should I think about this some more?

Pages on the Wiki that I commented at that I'd love to know if I actually was making sense when I did:

- AspectOrientedProgramming - OperatingSystemsDesign

Cool perfect things I'd like to create at some point

These are the blue-sky dreams that I'd love to write but probably wouldn't get around to. ;)

A cool replacement for Com, Corba, and other similar object models. It's first principle will to not be annoying. It's second principle will be to work very nicely under nice modern object oriented languages, acceptably under functional languages, and foist off any hard and annoying work onto the procedural language people. The third principle is that it would be open and free. It will merge in DesignByContract and AspectOrientedProgramming.

A cool operating system. It's first principle will be that it be object oriented. The second is that it will be orthogonal. I wrote up some notes, trying to reduce the interactions of the operating system, from the user's prespective to a small abstract set of operations that can be programmed in a standard way. It will use my object model. It will be network enabled. It will have a sane internal reperesentation that existing protocals can map to. It will break compatibility with everything in favor of a clean API.

Some sort of really cool graphical software.

A really really good electric guitar. ;)


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