Kent Beckers

KentBeckers are a study group for those in Korea who study KentBeck's ideas and philosophies. Actually, their major concern is towards SW development methodologies. They have studied ReFactoring, DesignPatterns, and some other great books. Thesedays, it is ExtremeProgrammingExplained, which's begun at the end of last year(2000). The members are mainly project managers with substantial experiences on the battle field, some newbies in their first company, and some programmers having hard time and trying to resolve their problem situation.

Anyone interested in KentBeck or XP are welcome to the study group.

Venue: Minto coffee shop at Hee-Hwa Dong, Seoul, Korea

When: 19:30 on Wednesday, Every two weeks

-- JuneKim

So KentBeck has a bunch of religious followers now? -)))

Just wait until they release "TheLifeOfKent?":

 Kent                   "You're all individuals, you have to work it out for yourselves."
 (crowd in unison)      "We're all individuals, we have to work it out for ourselves."
 (crowd member)         "Wait! I'm not an individual."
 (another crowd member) "Shhhh!"
 (crowd)                "Shhhh!Shhhhh!"
.... (See MontyPython's LifeOfBrian)

Sounds like JediMindTrick. Actually, we have almost as many critics, who are very practical and uninterested about any kind of hype, as fanatics in our group. Therefore, having quite constructive debates as we go on during our study, rather than blind-minded endorsement and compliment. -- JuneKim

"For as water will not ascend higher whence it descendeth, so knowledge derived from Aristotle, and exempted from the liberty of examination, will not rise again higher than the knowledge of Aristotle [MrAristotle]." SirFrancisBacon?, AdvancementOfLearning?, First Book, IV, 12.


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