Kevin Munc

I'm a Java developer who's learning Ruby. I'm also known as MuncMan? in some circles.

Some Biographical Background:

My name is Kevin Munc, and I'm a software developer from Columbus, Ohio. I've been a programmer since the bug bit me in 1997. Thanks to Y2K, a guy like me with a Philosophy degree from OSU was able to get a job pretty quickly doing COBOL and JCL. I did a little bit of VisualBasic (v4), then ran for the web in 1999. I've been doing mostly Java and J2EE since then, but all along I've tried to learn as much as I can. As a result I've become pretty good with SQL, XML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've done a fair amount of Flash and ActionScript, and dabbled with several other languages. My current interest is in getting good with Ruby and RubyOnRails. My first contributions to this wiki were, in fact, at IwannaLearnRuby and IwannaLearnRubyOnRails.

I've begun blogging a bit this year, at for mostly Java-related stuff, and at for mostly Ruby-related stuff (at least that's the plan). My home page, where I've got a (slowly) growing collection of JavaScript experiments, is

Oh, and I used to work with this guy: SeanErikson

I want to say thanks to ElizabethWiethoff for helping me get my bearings around here. Thanks a ton!


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