Languages By Keyboard

How to tell a person's language of choice by looking at their keyboard.

I wonder whether there is a connection between forth and python which both wear out the ':' key. There is none; as such, I've amended the Python entry with a more appropriate key, as well as refined Forth's. -- SamuelFalvo?

I have to add that the letter instances are really joking as the given keys are surely not worn out more than the 'e' key.

Perhaps even the entire list is really joking.

Let's not forget that the editor also has some influence: Vim (esc, h, j, k, l) and Emacs (ctrl and meta) preferences should be revealed in the keyboard as well. EditorsByKeyboard

Lisp Programmer: Their '(' and ')' keys are mapped to the '[' and ']' keys (although, true, you probably can't tell that by looking at the keyboard). I read somewhere that Olin Shivers has done this.

I use xmodmap to map what were [ ] { } ( ) to ( ) [ ] { } respectively. Even in non-Lisp languages, AFAICT, I use the parentheses more than the other kinds of brackets, so they get first choice of keyboard locations. c.c -- DrakeWilson?

An observation: it's apparently impossible to distinguish between C++ and XML and Brainfuck seems closely related to both.

So why have I worn out my 'a' key on two successive laptops? DickBotting

And... what if the developer is using an OptimusMaximusKeyboard?
More ThreadMode Warning... I just looked at my keyboard to see. This OldTimer uses vi

UnixProgrammer?: Shift, Escape, z, >, |, and / are the shiniest in the middle, with the most food residue on the outer edges. BackQuote BangBang BackQuote was so annoying to type, I made an alias for it, or else those keys would be far shinier. -- ChrisGarrod Should this line be moved up there somewhere? Vote or do so, Thanks.
The shiniest and most used key(button) in my system is the left-mouse button, the keyboard keys have dust on them. :) No carpal, have used computers since teletypes (even punched a few IBM cards)(from my highchair). -- DonaldNoyes.200805240228.m06

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