Layne Thomas

"Some people choose to walk in the rain without an umbrella. That is what it means to live free" - Roger Smith

Layne Thomas is young veteran software developer living in Seattle, Washington, USA. His favorite language is C++, which he describes as "like an indestructible old car that keeps running, even after years of rust and abuse". Although very young compared to the masters, Layne believes in many "old-school" computer techniques such as PowerOfPlainText, WhatsWrongWithFlash, CeePlusPlusReigns, and CommandLineInterfaces?. He also holds a heretical (and assumed to be amateur)belief in the possibility of an InfinitelyComposableSystem?. He has experience developing SCADA systems, but also enjoys his PetProject?/SoftwareMasterpiece KatascopeStudio. Layne's parents have raised llamas since he was in high school, which has had subtle but profound effects on his psyche.

He has recently become very interested in the Windows Presentation Framework.

Originator of LaynesLaw, Proponent of RandalsRule, Creator (and destroyer) of the LlamaPattern
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TransitionModel - A concept I've been wrestling around with.

Exile Motorcycles - Got into a discussion earlier with a friend about minimal design. He's a motorcycle enthusiast, not a programmer, but brought up an england motorcycle maker whose focus is on no-frill motorcycles. Something about how good software should focus and even expose the fundamental core parts, and hit that level between hackable and stable. (I know, I know, c2 isn't a blog, I just haven't full crystallized the conversation into a coherent focus)

Bongard Problems -

Heard today: "I don't mean to sound like a nerd or nothing, but that surfer guy coming up with that E8 theory reminds me of when Kary Mullis invented polymerase chain reactions!"

Mechanical computing using legos: Mechanical computing using marbles:
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