Learning Organization

A LearningOrganization is an organization that Measurement is inbuilt into the organization's processes and used as a ProcessImprovementTool? Modifications to processes Changes in roles and processes are instigated in response to regular reviews.

There are many sources of information on learning organizations. I'm not sure if the above description fits into what some of the more popular books on the subject proclaim. (They tend to be more "blue sky") Probably the most popular one is: TheFifthDiscipline

A LearningOrganization needs to actualize LessonsFromFailure as well as LessonsFromSuccess?. See a free 35 page Harvard Business School paper::

When a given organizational scheme starts to work and such companies show a clear growing trend over competitors, then other companies and investment groups will start to adopt or enforce such techniques. Until then, it will only be considered an experiment, or yet-another-management-fad.
See also SwieringaAndWierdsma
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