Life Patterns

LifePatterns is intended to be a catalog of workable alternatives for people who have already invested a lot of life into their preparing, or performing duties in a career related to computing.

Hopefully there can be a lot of positive and practical templates developed for people to think about.

See also LeadershipPatterns


Nearly sixty years ago, at the end of the second world war, most people who were alive did not have good prospects. They did have something that the modern twenty-first century did not have, including:

As members of the twentyfirst century we have these advantages (see note at end):

LifePatterns include:

Some advocate a PurposeDrivenLife, which would sweep away dark moments where one would feel LifeIsReallyPointless.

See also: LifeVectors


WhatAmiDoingAboutIt is a attitude not seen much in these busy days of the start of the 21st century.

AnythingGoes is the prevalent pattern.

Note: Above statements have a FirstWorldCulturalAssumption

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