Linda Rising

LindaRising is the Patterns Princess! She works at AG Communication Systems [ ] and has done wonders for the careful dissemination of Patterns information, the education of Patterns folks, and the successful use of Patterns in improving the quality and development time-to-market for software at AGCS.

Linda doesn't work at AGCS anymore -- 2002-03-22 JeffGarland
Linda is an independent consultant these days, She lived in Denmark for a year some years ago and did wonders for the patterns community here, up to and including making the first nordic patterns conferences a reality

-- KristianElofSoerensen

Q: Is the later page available in DanishLanguage?, are there any resourses about patterns in danish, and most importantly for this page, is any of Lindas work available in danish?
She has written a book with MaryLynnManns, IntroducingPatternsIntoOrganizations ISBN 0201741571 . Due out in February of 2004. It's April 1 and Amazon says it's still to be released. Anyone know what is up?

The title is "Fearless Change: patterns for introducing new ideas", Addison Wesley, released in September, '04 DenhamGrey


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