Lisp Road Map

This is a RoadMap to the many pages on this wiki dedicated to the LispLanguage, and its relationship to the InformalHistoryOfProgrammingIdeas and (sometimes) ExtremeProgramming.

Introduction, cross references etc.

LispLanguage is a family of languages which share the LambdaNature, i.e. like representing computations in terms of the LambdaCalculus. Popular instances of this family include CommonLisp, SchemeLanguage, EmacsLisp and AutoLisp. One can peruse the DefinitiveCommonLispBooks and the CommonLispHyperSpec. Lisp is widely regarded as one of the GroundBreakingLanguages.

History, Sociology, Community

Lisp was instrumental in inventing or popularizing several important concepts in the history of computing. These include the notion of a NullObject, GarbageCollection, LispMacros, a MetaCircularEvaluator, the MetaObjectProtocol, and the CommonLispObjectSystem (CLOS).

In the 80's, many ArtificialIntelligence problems were developed on LispMachine(s); those companies later fell victim to the AiWinter phenomenon. Since then, Lisp retreated to the few niches where nothing else would do. We may now be witnessing a (much smaller scale) resurgence of Lisp.

LispHumor and SocialProblemsOfLisp are often discussed by SmugLispWeenies. These include bemoaning the rise of WorseIsBetter, and engaging in LispSchemeDifferences wars. Discussions between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2 abound (see SingleNamespaceLisp), including the merits of HygienicMacros and the powerful CallWithCurrentContinuation.

Lisp in the real world Something about GnuEmacs and RichardStallman? AutoCad? [EditHint: need more links here.]

Famous Lisp People Lisp Nowadays

Lisp hackers have developed many of the XP traits long ago because of the AgileLisp nature. Nowadays, some go as far as doing XpInCommonLisp.

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