Logix Language


Lacking a better spot to reference it, I'll just give it a new page.

Logix is a MetaLanguage, with Lisp-like capability for defining new languages (and explicit support for this concept, as opposed to simply being convention as it is with Lisp). It has a Python-like syntax and is built on top of the CPython VM, compiling to Python bytecode.

This may be the "Lisp with friendly syntax" people have been looking for. Or it may not. But if you're interested in language design, it's a good toy to play with.

Seems to be a language with MinimalParsing in the sense, that there is no complex grammar (except for the syntax definition grammar). Also seems to be homoiconic (see DefinitionOfHomoiconic), because it has a lisps quote and "," operators and a datatype called code-data for everything.

It seems to be a bit ad hoc in its treatment of syntax and semantics, but looks promising. I wonder how fast it is. -- GunnarZarncke


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