Logo Turtle Robot

An ancestor of LegoMindstorms robots. In the original Logo labs the "turtle" the kids programmed was an actual robot that looked a little like a turtle, and had a real pen that drew on paper on the floor as the robot moved.

You can still buy the Valiant Turtle (http://www.valiant-technology.com/usa/turtle1.htm) although the price is steep. There is also Roamer (http://www.valiant-technology.com/usa/roamer1.htm) which can be controlled by a computer, and with a pen attachment can draw pictures on paper on the floor, but doesn't seem to be able to pick up or put down the pen.

I've been looking for a cheap (under $100) tethered turtle for a while now. LegoMindstorms (about $200) can do the trick, but it is major overkill if all you are trying to do is draw pictures on butcher paper in LogoLanguage.

See LogoLanguage, GeneralTurtle?.

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